Entry #2

Jesus christ

2016-03-28 16:52:30 by BagMoose

Its been like 8 months since I last posted. Nothing ot report though.


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2016-03-28 18:41:10

Gee, it sure is boring around here...

BagMoose responds:

Yeah things get kind of stale with 8 months of inactivity.


2016-03-28 21:59:05

Try drawing dicks. That's sure to stir up some excitement :P

BagMoose responds:

Nah man, dicks are too overplayed. Gotta innovate. Gotta think big.


2016-03-28 22:11:26

How about big boobs? Or a 3 boobed purple alien chick?

BagMoose responds:

Nah, I'm thinking anthropomorphic dicks. http://imgur.com/bZ9FHSV


2016-03-28 22:16:51

Damn, that's disturbing. Do it.